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Monday, September 14, 2015

Is it safe yet?

     This is a question that those of us with an ever changing, ever present chronic disease face literally every day.  I often find myself quietly asking myself if today is the day when my next RA flare will commence. 
     When I first wake up I do a "joint check-in" just to see where I stand on that given morning. Is today the day that the answer to that question "is it safe yet?" is a resounding NO or am I spared for another day.  
     My greatest wish is to wake up confident that this day will be without pain and with no possibility of a flare. I would jump for joy if I knew without a doubt on a given day there would be no chance of a flare or unwelcome pain.  I know that is not possible but it sure is nice to dream.
     The fact is I intend to hold onto that dream. You may wonder why.  Well for me it is all part of keeping a positive approach to life.  If you do not dare to dream big where is the joy and hope in life?  I simply will not succumb to the hopelessness and sadness that so often accompanies a chronic disease.  Instead I will wake up each day with an attitude of  YES IT IS SAFE!  Happiness and joy are truly choices we make in life.  Even when things are not going well, when pain is intruding on our every thought and movement, you can CHOOSE to deal with utilizing the many strategies that I have highlighted here in my blog over the last several years and lots of other sources as well.  Exercise, guided imagery, consulting your medical team, reaching out to family and friends, just to name a few options that you have at your disposal.  
     You are never out of choices if you only take the time to look.  Don't be complacent.  Be proactive and you will always be able to handle what lies ahead and when that feeling of doubt creeps in you can push it away confident that you are equipped to deal with any and all eventualities thanks to the time and work and effort you have put in to managing your RA!