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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My story continues...just differently

     I started writing this blog back in April 2011, just about 5 years ago.  I have posted 107 (counting today's post) blog entries and had nearly 118,000 "visitors" to my blog page. 
     A large part of why I started this blog was to allow me to share my story not only to help others who are dealing with chronic diseases, particularly RA, but also to give my experiences a voice and soul. 
     Blogging truly helped me to move outside of the traditional RA box and allow myself to heal my spirit.  I needed that after nearly 15 years of coping with RA.  

     What I did not fully understand when I started was how challenging it would be to bear my soul on so many topics and issues related to my story.  But oh how satisfying it became.  
     By taking the time to reflect and share it gave me such a feeling of hope and joy.  It truly nourished me in ways I did not dream of when I started.
     I found out just how much I had to share in terms of managing RA and I believe it touched other people and helped them as well.  In fact as I read through the blogs I can clearly see how I evolved from simply sharing my thoughts, experiences, etc., to offering tips and strategies for managing RA.  
     So once the wonderful experience of blogging evolved into the ultimate purpose of why I write about RA it became clear to me that it was time to step away from blogging and immerse myself in the new adventure that began for me last March with as a contributing writer.

     The online newsletter they publish and the FB page they host reach thousands and thousands of people with RA! What an amazing opportunity it has been for me to share my story with so many wonderful folks!  
     I can now open up on an even larger and deeper scale and it has given me satisfaction and joy beyond my wildest dreams!  
     But it all started with a little blog 5 years ago and I never imagined it would lead to 107 posts and a chance to reach more and more folks who are struggling day to day with RA.  I will be forever grateful to all of you who have read this and commented to me and shared your stories along the way. You inspired me, touched me and moved my spirit to continue to write and share my story.
     So I am going to pause my blogging for now.  I may start it up again down the road.  In fact, I think that is very likely. I would encourage folks to read them from the beginning if they so choose because this blog follows my journey from day one with RA and has what I believe to be some universal lessons for anyone with a chronic disease.
     And maybe you will take up your "pen" and tell your story at some point!  I hope you will consider it.  It was and continues to be one of the best decisions I ever made.  
     You can read my articles by going to this link:

     Hope to see you there.  Love to all, Nan