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Monday, January 18, 2016

Off and running (well not really)

     Even now that I am in my 60's I still find the beginning of each year to be exhilarating.  I think it is the notion that the new year is a like an open road before me offering all kinds of possibilities and adventures to explore. 
     Which road will I take? What will that next bend in the road have just beyond it?  I find these thoughts and questions exciting and invigorating.  And since having RA I also find that moving into the new year can be time to reflect on my own disease management and how the previous year turned out.  What I might adjust for this coming year or what worked great?  
     I discovered the wonders of Tai Chi and intend to keep practicing it forever!  So much so that I now teach it and that has added a depth and joy to the practice that I never imagined.  I feel so much better both mentally and physically since starting Tai Chi.  I highly recommend it.
     I found a medication that is working for me!  I have been through many medications over the 20+ years that I have had RA.  One worked great for 6 years while others worked minimally.  This past year I found the one that seems to be working for me - for now.  I temper this enthusiasm with the knowledge that it may not last but I will enjoy it while it does.
     I also embrace this thought when it comes to feeling good and flare free because as all of us with RA know, flares come and go, often with no rhyme or reason. Taking advantage of the good days to get my exercise and enjoy life is a large part of managing RA successfully.  That means my beloved swimming! 
     I was so happy to get back in the pool after my broken foot episode in October put me on the sidelines once again. Once I was given the go ahead, I "plunged" right into that pool and never looked back.  I look forward to this year being a great year of swimming.
     So I may not be a runner anymore but that does not mean that I am not off and "running" in my own way to make this a great 2016!  Keep up the effort. I wish you the best this year has to offer. Make it your best one yet.