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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A real balancing act!

     So it has been nearly two months since I have posted....and the reasons are many but mostly due to the fact that I have been focused on getting back my "balance" both physically after the three surgeries (two eyes and one foot), psychologically, and of course from an RA perspective as well.  
     I have to admit I did not expect to be "gone" so long from blogging but I never intended this process to be tedious or anything other than an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, suggestions, advice and insights as I learn from my own experiences how to manage RA.  I also view it as a chance to be cathartic for my own purposes.
      I found that these last two months I have been completely preoccupied with functionality and really not ready to spend any of my energies on anything other than just getting my body back to a place that was at least approaching normal! I was a bit surprised that it took this long to get my "bearings" back....but then I have never been known for my patience when it comes to wanting my routine to resume.
     I am certain that my own need for control combined with the ever changing, always chaotic nature of RA leads to a craving for routine that is likely out of proportion with the norm.   So that said, I have been battling some mood shifts (can you say swinging from bitchy to needy to weepy) that have surely not been fun for family or friends!
       Everyone has been absolutely wonderful and I cannot begin to thank all of those who are part of my RA Support Team for their unending love and care.  There is simply no doubt in my mind that without them I would never have made the progress that I have and/or be willing to do this again for my left foot in just a few months.
     I simply don't have the proper words to express how amazing everyone has been throughout this entire process.  I love you all and you know who you are!  
    What is really amusing to me, in hindsight, are the grandiose plans I had for doing projects around the house and how completely and totally those did not happen!
     I realized pretty promptly into the recovery that my life would be primarily concerned with how to get from one end of the house to the other as opposed to reorganizing closets and cupboards.  That, as they say, will have to wait for another time.
     I also figured out that the simple act of walking is one to be treasured and never taken for granted.  For some strange reason I thought that once the surgeon gave me the go ahead to bear full weight on my foot I would be magically able to strut my stuff!
     Welllll, that has not been the way it has worked out but despite that, I think I am progressing quite well and since starting physical therapy two weeks ago I have seen a big difference! 
     I am going to spend the next post reviewing some of what I call the surgical  Keys To Success but I just wanted to take a moment with this post to say I am back and plan to post regularly again!  I am feeling the strongest I have felt in over 4 months and so as I move forward (literally and figuratively) I will keep you all posted as I prepare for my "final lap" when I get my fourth surgery in a year under my belt!