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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Which came first - the chicken or the egg?

     I cannot help but consider this age old question at times in terms of RA and the surrounding circumstances.  For instance I know lately I am feeling so much better and even though I am enjoying this new state of better health I can't help but consider all of the potential reasons and try to determine what accounts for this good fortune.
     I consider this mostly because I know from past experience that as much as I hope this lasts for the rest of my life, that is unlikely, given the serendipitous nature of RA.  Which is precisely the dilemma.  I often say that if I could figure out the formula for this current state of well being I could go back to it when times are not so great.  If there were some road map that clearly told me what to do, when, where, etc. I would be good to go forever!
     The fact is I do know what to do and what goes into healthy living.  It is hard not to be aware of that in our world today.  We are bombarded with all kinds of information and it is overwhelming at times.
     I try to remember and recall all of the components necessary to ensure that my health stays on a good path. What do I need to do each day, every day to stay on this path of wellness?  

     If I think of health as a circle of elements, each with its own set of suggested strategies maybe I can simplify this process.  If I look at each element and try to consider if I am being careful to attend to each one will that be the answer? Perhaps but the chink in the armor comes when you throw into the mix a little something called chronic disease.

     I am currently doing great on the particular treatment protocol I am following but just as night follows day so can my level of control of RA go from light to dark in an instant. RA has a mind of its own and even when all else seems to be going full steam ahead it can stop you dead in your tracks.
     I sometimes find myself not even relishing in the moment of healthiness I am experiencing because the past has taught me that this may be short lived and so I better not get too accustomed to this or I will be disappointed yet again.  
     Well, this pattern needs to stop and I am going to try my best to see that it does starting now!  I may not be able to control my disease most of the time (any in some cases) but I sure can try to control how I handle that and most importantly how I deal with the areas I CAN control.  

     I can control my own thoughts and attitudes and I can continue to educate myself about what makes up "good health" in all its glory.  Life need not always be about the RA and the chronic disease I live with but rather it will be about how I live with joy and passion and success.  
     No matter if this works or not I at least can say I did the best I could at that point in time and I have nothing but certainty that it was the best choice for me when I made it. So whether it was the chicken or the egg makes no difference as long as I am in tune with my own choices. Whether it be my treatment, my exercises, my diet, etc. I want to have no regrets.  If I can do that, I will be content and satisfied. Works for me!