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Monday, November 2, 2015

Foot Fault

     I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact I broke my foot a week ago.  I simply stumbled and rolled my left foot and WHAM!  I now have a fracture of the 5th metatarsal.  It seems like only yesterday that I had my two foot reconstruction surgeries.  Actually it was 2012 and 2013.  Thankfully this fracture in no way compromised the wonderful result of the surgery.  Still, I waver between relief that it was not worse and dismay that I may be facing surgery since this is a bone that often does not heal on its own.  This according to several doctors who have seen the X-rays. 
     This photo was just a few days after I broke it and it looks a whole better now thank goodness.  I have to say the pain is not too bad either.  Mostly I am thankful that I can partially weight bear with forearm crutches and a boot.
     The worst part of the past surgeries were the weeks of non weight bearing that I had to deal with.  As a person who loves her independence it was such a challenge to have to rely on everyone around me for the smallest things.  I also like to be up and moving, a lot, and often, and to have to be so stationary was almost more than I could bear!  I never, never, never expected to be doing this again under any circumstances!  
     My husband and I had traveled to DC to visit two of our sons and attend a much anticipated Penn State football game in Maryland.  The day before the game I simply tripped while walking to their balcony and rolled my left foot.  In the photo above I still have on the splint that I had for several days till I got back home to Vermont.  We woke up the day of the game and decided to give it a try.  So off we went and it was a great day, great game and a victory for our beloved Penn State Nittany Lions!
     The amazing staff at Ravens Stadium in Baltimore made the day for us.  They exchanged our tickets for 40 yard line accessible ones and had a wheel chair for me to use as well.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful there were in every way throughout the day!  We were all so glad we went.  It made an awful situation much more bearable.  
After we got home and I went to our local Orthopedic office I discovered I could, at least for now, put some partial weight on it with the boot on and forearm crutches.  Anyone with RA knows all to well that traditional crutches are torture!  I had to use them for a couple of days and my shoulders and hands were totally inflamed.  
     My biggest fear remains not the surgery itself but rather the potential for non weight bearing time afterwards....I am going to hope and pray that I heal in such a way that it will not be necessary but I do not hold out much hope based on what the docs have told me. 
     Yet another foot fault to deal with....