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Monday, January 16, 2012

Revisiting the past has benefits!

       In looking over some of my posts I noticed that at times I have revisited a previous concept.  I really like the notion of pulling out an issue, concern or thought from a past post and delving a little deeper into it.  It confirms for me the value of re-reading my own blog posts over time so that I can pull out those concepts that might warrant further discussion.  
       Plus, just seeing it with "fresh eyes" and the different perspective that the passage of time provides can make for a whole new take on a subject that I have touched on before.
     So what does this have to do with RA management?  Well, the very nature of our disease makes it "different" at every turn.  This "newness" means that something we may have believed was right or good months or years ago may simply not be the case any longer!  Like a food that has passed its expiration date, we may need to "shop" again for the latest and greatest tools for managing RA.
     Don't be afraid to re-think something - be it medication choices, exercise options and so on.  To not re-examine what you are doing to manage RA can mean that your toolbox will soon loose its effectiveness. Instead of being your indispensable friend it can actually prevent you from making good choices.  
     Just like you trade in your car for newer model, so too you need to "upgrade" your RA toolbox now and then.  That means staying up to date on the latest research by reading periodicals, online articles, other blogs you subscribe to, etc. to stay up on what is happening with RA and chronic disease in general.  
     Another source is your "support team".  They are often able to assist you by either providing you directly with valuable information for your toolbox or by suggesting how you can access the most current information, research and trends available concerning RA.
     And again I go back to the notion of not fearing to re-visit something that may have seemed really "out there" at one point.  Perhaps your circumstances have changed.  Whatever  the reason, it is important when managing a chronic disease to keep an open mind.
       In life, being open to new ideas is not only desirable but critical to having a satisfying, successful journey and so it is with RA.


Chronically Inflamed said...

So true!!! Thanks! Rose ~from the support forum!

abcsofra said...

Wow....almost a forecast in my realm of the ra So true and particularly for me. I have been re-evaluating my ra tool box for the past month or so, trying to add some new tools, throw out ones that haven't worked for me and searching for possible new ones. What a wonderful perspective and one that I think we can apply to all aspects of our lives. Loved it!

Carla said...

Nan: Thank you for this post. I have been grappling with perhaps needing to change my meds. Your post reminded me that revisiting is not a bad thing.