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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The time for pampering has arrived!

     There comes a time when one realizes that some serious self pampering needs to happen.  That time has come for me.  Having just wrapped up the two eye surgeries and with my first foot surgery looming ahead, I knew the time had come for some spoiling!  And so, a vacation that I had carefully planned for during this time period will commence shortly.
I intend to take full advantage of my time off to relax, unwind, renew and "leave my troubles behind" for a bit.  When you suffer from a chronic disease like RA - that need to step back and pamper yourself becomes a real necessity and another tool for managing RA.  So much of our time and effort is devoted to the day to day (sometimes hour to hour) demands of management of the disease that we do not stop to consider that doing some things "out of the box" to cope and ease our symptoms may be called for!  
     One example for me is massage....not only is it therapeutic physically but it takes me to a wonderful place of peace and calm mentally.  I never really appreciated massage or even understood its amazing benefits till adulthood which I really regret.
Now with the benefit of hindsight, I would have started getting massages as a teen!  The ambiance of the massage itself is enough to take my stress level down several notches right off the bat!
Combine that with the soothing music, the healing power of the touch and you have really given yourself a wonderful gift.  I have friends who simply cannot fathom having someone else massage or touch their bodies and I felt that way at one time...but thankfully I decided to be a bit daring and I have never looked back.  It is very professional and entirely in line with my own modesty so that I do not feel at all uncomfortable.  
     Another real treat is a mani/pedi (manicure/pedicure) and/or a facial.
Once again, indulging in some "me" time is so beneficial to anyone, but in particular, to those of us who suffer from chronic pain.  Having someone gently care for my hands and feet and face is incredibly pleasant!  Not only that but for many of us with serious hand mobility issues, it is a matter of having the ability to take care of our hands and feet properly and in a way that allows us some dignity and an appearance we can feel good about instead of hiding our feet and hands!  
They may not be "conventionally" beautiful but they sure feel it after a pedi/mani and that is half the battle!  Taking the time to just pause and let someone else take care of you is so satisfying and it makes you feel valued and treasured and that is priceless!
     I also really look forward to my once a month hair appointment.  The stylist I go to makes me feel like a queen when I am there!  She totally pampers me from start to finish and that is just another one of those ways to give yourself a treat.  We deserve it!
     I also am a firm believer that exercise (and for me that means swimming) is, in fact, a way to pamper yourself.  Taking the time to get moving in a way you enjoy will give you tremendous satisfaction!
     So my message here is clear....yet another tool to managing RA is PAMPERING!  I do it.  So should you!  Talk to you when I get from my vacation!


L."Wren" Vandever said...

I took your advice today, Nan, and got a manicure/pedicure. It felt nice to be pampered that way, and now I've got pretty fingers and toes!

Have a great time on your holiday!

abcsofra said...

Just reading this blog relaxed me :-) I sooo agree! I have been so tempted to do a massage lately but worry about the provider not being trained for an ra patient. For me this would be out of pocket expenses. So I have done some of the other items on your list and loved them in the past!

S. Lake said...

Hey! I am so excited to find out if you have a lot of visitors of your blog?