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Monday, April 1, 2013

Crossing the finish line!

     So I can now state with certainty that I have crossed the finish line for the four surgeries I scheduled and had over the last year!  I say that with a combination of joy, relief and excitement.
     I truly did not realize how much better this last round would go until it was all over and the sense of relief washed over me like a clean shower.   I actually believe that it sped up my recovery and healing for this second foot surgery which was certainly a welcome and unexpected outcome.
     I never even remotely thought that the third and final surgery of the year would bring with it such a profound sense of joy upon completion.  It really pointed out to me how much we store in our subconscious.  As much as I was happy with each successive surgery thoughout the year I believe that the knowledge that there still remained future surgeries influenced my sense of happiness and satisfaction.  Little did I know what a sense of "completion" I would feel when all four surgeries were done!  

     Which brings to mind how important it is to carry through with other components of RA management.  Medication decisions, exercise plans, discussions with your Rhematologist, etc. may all seem like they are only continuous or ongoing but the fact is, they have various finish lines along your RA journey.
     Each time you set up an appointment and go to it you have crossed a finish line.  When you set up an exercise plan and implement it, you have crossed a finish line.  When you develop and begin medications you have crossed a finish line.  And by so doing, you have accomplished something really significant and important and crucial in successfully managing your RA.  
     For me, this was a year of amazing accomplishment that when I look back on it, I am both proud and really satisfied and I will look to it as I move through the managment of RA as a strong reference point and a guideline for the future.


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Anonymous said...

Nan: I've been remiss on checking on blogs (having had surgery myself). Congratulations on completing your marathon in the operating theater. Hopefully there will just be peace and healing ahead of you. Hugs, Carla