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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making progress

     Although I am feeling the need to knock on wood when I say this, I do believe I can safely declare that I have made real progress in the last two months towards feeling better!
     Don't get me wrong, I am still very much in the improvement stage as it has been a long few years with various surgeries, treatment alterations, etc. but I believe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
     The key is to never loose hope that circumstances will get better.  Of course that is easy to say, not so easy to assimilate.  Particularly when you are wrapped up in the pain, fatigue, stress, etc. that is the reality of RA.  I surely did have times when I began to wonder if I would get past the latest hurdle thrown my way.  
     But somehow during those times, maybe because we have been there before, we dig down and find that strength, that voice that says it will get better. Or maybe it is the support systems we have nurtured for ourselves. 

     Having people around who remind us of the possibilities and can see beyond the current stressors is immensely crucial to our progress.  They can help us see beyond the moment to what can and will be in time.  
     I am not the most patient individual and so I need to constantly remind myself that any step forward is progress no matter how fast we take that step. Fortunately I am in a place currently that has me seeing that progress and feeling really good about it!  I am back to regular exercise, always a critical part of progress for me.  My current medication regimen seems to be working adequately which means that stress is alleviated for now. Flares are manageable and not as intense or long lasting, also a blessing! Other issues often associated with RA seem to also be taking a break.  All this adds up to me feeling pretty darn positive and content at the moment.  

     I find myself appreciating the simplest joys again.  Walking my dog in the early morning light and seeing the beauty of the day starting to unfold and being able to truly embrace that moment is such a delight!  Lingering on my back porch, listening to the birds and reading a great book are times I treasure!  Sharing a nice dinner and a movie with my wonderful husband holds renewed joy and fun.
     So I will re-visit this post from time to time when the light seems to dim and hopefully it will sustain me and move me through the darkness once again into the light of better days!


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