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Monday, April 25, 2011

Day one 4-25-2011

    Wow - I am really doing this!  I have considered doing a blog for many years and today I just decided to go for it so here I am.  What is really funny is that I have never been one to journal even though my husband and one of my three sons have journaled for many years.  I have always envied their dedication and so now 15 years into RA, I am going to give it a try.  
     I don't often undertake something without a purpose and this is no different.  In just about a month I will be launching an RA Support Group in my community and so I thought this might be the perfect way to get the word out and to record the progress or lack thereof of this new endeavor.   I just stepped back from two very time consuming but incredibly rewarding boards that I served on for nearly 8 years so I have some time to invest and it seems that it is time for me to dedicate some time and effort to my own personal journey with RA.   
     That said I will post a lengthier entry that will provide some of the details as I go along here but I just want anyone who happens upon this to understand that RA is a disease that need not rule your life.  I had to learn that and it took time, lots of time but in the end I realized that it was probably the single most important lesson.  I learned that although there is much you cannot control about RA (and that is a blog entry all its own that I will cover another time) you can control your mental attitude towards it.  I am firm believer in the Lincoln quote that says (I am paraphrasing here) we each "decide to be happy and it is a state of mind you choose".  I totally subscribe to that as a preamble for all I do and how I live my life.  With that thought firmly in place in my approach to life, all else is manageable, including RA.  I am not suggesting that sad, painful, frustrating, difficult days are not part of my life just that they do not RULE my life. I simply refuse to let them take over.  Period.  
     My family, my work, my life are too important and priceless to me to ever let that happen.  I will not relinquish the joy in my life to anything, especially a disease I know can be managed.  Humor is the other key to successfully managing RA as odd as that sounds.  I can laugh at nearly everything I have been through and that is critically important.  So there you have my fundamental operating principles. Lots more to share.  Stay tuned.  
Be sure to take the time to laugh and share a smile every day!  Nan

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b6336bc4-6f99-11e0-b527-000f20980440 said...

Hello Nan, I loved reading your comments and thoughts. I can be a witness that your good nature, excellent sense of humor and a HEART bigger than the state of Alaska!, make you an extraordinary person, who suffers with this terrible condition, but if one did not know that, would never imagine.
You take you up and specially the downs in stride and make everyone around you love you even more. Good luck with your blog and your Support group, I am sure will be a great help for everyone who will participe. Miss you Darling!