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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How and why did I get RA?

     You know there is no good, sound, scientific answer to how and why one "gets" RA and this is often a source of real anger, frustration and fear in the early stages of RA.  Research has yet to pinpoint any definitive reason or cause for RA.  There is some speculation about what might "trigger" the onset but I remember going on in my head about what I might have "done" to cause it.  Did I have too much stress?  Did I take the wrong medication when I was sick?  What about diet? Finally I said enough already and decided that even though my type A personality (you know those of us who like complete control over our lives and do not do well with the unknown) wanted an answer, it would not be forthcoming so move on...and I did...eventually. 
     Reality is - it doesn't matter because it does not change anything.  I still needed to find a treatment that worked, that I could embrace while still living a life with the quality that I wanted-no demanded.  I needed to understand what autoimmune meant, how RA was so very different from traditional OA and how would this effect my life, work, family, friends.  Will I still be Nan or someone less whole, less capable, less loveable?  Those are what needed to become my focus and once I let go of the "why me?" I could move forward with how best to deal - no manage - RA.
Remember to have a good laugh and smile at someone today!

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