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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mixed bag

     So there is a little of this a little of that to post today so here goes.
    First of all, my face is still numb (yuk!) but unless it is wishful thinking I believe I feel some tingling in my lip so maybe it will come back at some point!  I am staying optimistic.  Also - and this is just plain weird but I wonder if others have experienced this - I have noticed that my RA pain has decreased a bit since the oral surgery and the debacle that followed.  I wonder if my body became so preoccupied with that whole mess that it "forgot" to deal with the RA??? Kind of makes sense in a strange way, no?  I mean RA is all about an immune system that is "over reacting" so if it has to handle a new crisis....
     Our RA Support Group met again this past Monday and it was once again a wonderful chance to share, laugh, whine a bit, offer tips, etc.
Our numbers are still small and I do hope that it grows as time goes on as the folks participating are just awesome!  I try to get the word out to the various media outlets and community groups so hopefully that will pay off at some point.  Until then, we will continue to support one another!
     Speaking of support, I met with our New England regional Arthritis Foundation representative to chat about the upcoming 2nd annual Arthritis Walk here in Rutland set for Saturday, September 17th.  
It was so much fun last year and I hope that folks will turn out and walk to support this great cause.  Here is the link to my donor page and I would be honored if folks would consider supporting my efforts:

     When you go to the above link, in the left hand column select DONATE TO A PARTICIPANT and then enter my name, Nan Hart and it will take you to my donation page.
    Finally, I started my new medicine this week so I am really pleased.  The injection was a breeze....the new autoinjector that Simponi uses is such a cinch that I did not think it had worked I had so little sensation of the needle.  In fact, had it not been for the yellow indicator in the device window and the tiny speck of blood on my thigh at the injection site, I would not have known I had just injected myself!  I truly did not feel a thing.  
I actually thought maybe the numbness in my face had inadvertently spread to my leg!  It did give me an idea though....I thought if the sensation in my face does not return (God forbid) I could get all future shots in my jaw!!! I would never have to feel a shot of any kind again....what do you think?  Well, just a thought....
     So, this was an eventful and interesting week with a number of highs and not too many lows which I really like to share!  



deb aka murphthesurf said...

Nan, I got my eyes really really crossed that your face is returning to you. The feeling in it that is :-) And it would be you to look at the glass as half full...future injection site and all :-) I like the group idea. How did you get it going in your area? Do you all meet at your home or rotate or meet somewhere out? I am thinking of starting one up here in Wilmington but not sure how to go about it. I would prefer we start out meeting in my home but not sure if that is the way to go. Any suggestions on how I go about this...thanks :-)

Melissa said...

I hope you get feeling back soon!

When I click on your link for the walk, it just takes me to a generic page, not to your fundraising page.

Nan said...

Melissa, when you go to the page, if you click on donate you can select a participant to support. On the left hand side select Donate to a Participant and then enter my name.

Nan said...

Deb if you are interested in starting a group I have some of the materials I used and would be happy to share if you feel comfortable giving me your email address....or we could talk via phone...I have a cell phone and can give you the number privately....Nan

Brigid said...

Great blog! I clicked on your name in a comment you made to Deb and it brought me here. Hope today finds you feeling well

Thrive With RA said...

Hi Nan, I hope your numbness is better and you're doing better soon.

I would be interested in getting a copy of one of your support group meeting agendas, or ideas for discussion topics, including what worked and what didn't work. Please feel free to email me.

Thank you! :)